The average electric bill in MA was calculated from our own users who are currently auto-splitting and paying their electric bills through us every month.

$178 / month

How did we calculate this number? We average over 1000+ electric bill payments that users in MA have paid and auto-split through our app in the last 90 days.

Average electric bill from the top 3 companies in MA (Massachusetts)

Utility CompanyAverage Electric Bill ($)
National Grid179.00
Chicopee Electric Light137.00
Top 3 electric companies in MA (Massachusetts)

Auto split & pay your electric bill on YSplit

YSplit is the 1st app that lets you pay and auto-split shared expenses in 1 go. Here is how to try out YSplit and what else we offer to make your life’s managing bills 10x easier every month.

Different bill payments happening through our app.
Paying bills on YSplit

Getting setup & making an account is very simple. Use the same login information you use to login via the website to link your account.

This part takes no more than 3 minutes, but that 3 minutes just saved you hours tracking & remembering bill payments.

If YSplit notices a bill to pay, you can pay it in the app, and we’ll pay your bill by the end of the day. If you set up auto-pay, you’ll be charged 5 business days before your bill’s due date.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to get set up in no time at all. We promise it takes no more than 2 minutes.

How to pay and auto-split any bill through our app.

Other bills you can pay on YSplit.

It wouldn’t make sense if we only let you make a electric payment through YSplit when you have internet, trash, electricity, and other bills also.

Here are just a slither of the other billers we currently support.

Other billers that you can pay and auto-split through our app.

Don’t just take our word for it.

YSplit has over 100+ reviews over Android and iPhone, averaging 4.8 stars. This means your bills are in good hands.

YSplit reviews on google and apple playstores we received from users who have made payments through our app.

What else can I do with YSplit?

YSplit on TechCrunch explaining how we make bill payments on behalf of users and auto-split the bill.

Our main aim at YSplit, on top of ensuring that your bills are paid on time, is to make it, so there have to be no financial arguments between yourself and your roommates, friends, and family members.

With YSplit, we encourage the other members of your shared bills to join your YSplit to charge everyone separately, solving 2 big issues that you currently face managing bills for people.

  1. Having to front bills money affecting cash flow for the money, and you can throw budgeting out of the window.
  2. Chasing everyone up to pay you back every month and sending multiple manual reminders for them to accept your Venmo requests, which seem to pile up.

Co-founder/CPO of YSplit.

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