Every month, we add new exciting features to YSplit to help you take control of your bills. Here’s a rundown of this month’s update: 

Tip: Make sure you update the app in order to access these new features. 

Win up to $200 just by paying your share on time

Win a free scratch-off worth up to $200 every time you pay your share of the bill on time. Our goal for this feature is to make splitting & paying your monthly bills fun and to encourage on-time payments.

Automatic refunds for YSplit Card purchases

If a payment you made with the YSplit card is refunded or adjusted, you’ll now see this reflected in the app. You can decide how to split the refund; equally or by a custom split.

Get 3 free scratch-offs by referring your friends

YSplit helps you automate your bills, and it’s time to let your friends in on the action too. In case you need a little encouragement, we’re giving you 3 free scratch-offs worth up to $200 for each and every eligible friend that signs up from your referral.

Note: Referral offer expires on the 10th of July

A private space for our power users

You’ve been officially invited to join the YSplit community chat.  if you want to: hear early features announcements, speak with founders directly, give us feedback and get updates on features while we build them.

Note: Invite expires in 24 hours

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If you notice any issues or have any suggestions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know.

Make sure the app has been updated to the latest release to take full advantage of all these features.


🏡 The YSplit Team

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