Re-sync feature + Biller detail UI is now consistent with the apps overall guideline

We have worked hard to improve the experience for viewing your biller information and linking your biller to YSplit. Here is what we have added in this release.

1. Better responses when linking your bill accounts

Just one example of the responses we will show you if we have issues linking your bill account.

There are many reason why we sometimes cannot log into your bill accounts. Beforehand, we were unable to show you these reasons in the app however we have now added a generic state that will let you know exactly why we weren’t able to link it and what you can do to fix it. This could include incorrect details, 2FA, overdue payments you need to settle first, no active accounts and more.

2. Re-sync your bill accounts

Tap re-sync, sit back and relax.

Previously you may have noticed that your bill info might not have been up-to date. You would then have to reach out to our support to update to update this for you. Not anymore. No more waiting for support to see your info. Simply tap Re-sync with biller and within the next 2 hours, your biller info will be up to date. You will be notified if your balance was updated.

3. Admin settings (Group creators only!)

Give privileges or take them away. You have the power!

So we’ve added some admin privileges:

  1. Only admins can now remove a biller from the group
  2. Only admins can remove members from groups
  3. Admins can set other members to be group owners if they need to leave the group
  4. The option to allow of members to view login info has been moved into bill settings

That’s it for this update tune in next week. Upcoming features that we are excited to be working on include sending checks to landlord on your behalf then splitting it for you in the app. No more manually having to send out checks every month or collect all the money. Stay tuned!


Co-founder/CPO of YSplit.

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